The Values We Stand For


We’re all about comprehensive fitness. We believe that you need to challenge yourself in different ways to build a strong, fit and healthy body. This will support you to reach all your health goals, and most importantly will guarantee that your results will be long-lasting.


We also believe in building a diverse and supportive community. At The Fitness Village you’ll connect with entrepreneurs, artists, educators, diplomats, writers and comedians from across the world. You’ll find people at all stages of their fitness journey — from marathon winners to complete beginners.

We specialize in classes and group training in Hanoi’s most unique exercise studio — but we also have a fitness room for independent training and an outdoor summer swimming pool.

Signing up is easy. Just come down at anytime and we’ll set you up on a four-day free trial.

High quality fitness & yoga …
… meets tranquil nature, right in the heart of Hanoi.
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